Looks like I called out the $BYND pump and dump *exactly* on the day of its historic high - July 26th. Stock lost 50% of its value and they just got pulled from Tim Hortons.

Track record at calling out scams at the top of their hype🔥

Reluctantly developped an expertise in 🐂💩

Huobi Will Help Coronavirus Victims as Binance Did – BeInCrypto -

listening to a substance abuse lecture by a 90 year old in a bow tie for my competence CLEs

the atty stats for addiction / depression are fucking crazy

17-22% (conservatively) are addicts

alcohol a factor in 60% of bar discipline cases

50% of attys wish they were not attys

My face when the woke brigade tells me my opinion on climate change is worthless because I don't have a university science degree while they simultaneously wokesplain to me, former economist with postragduate political science degree, why capitalism is bad.

Bitcoin Price Rallies to Set a 2020 High Near $9.5K – Is $10K Next? -

Futures basis at local highs. Spot is creeping up. The blow off top seems nigh.

I've been working on the various logistical, technical and privacy problems of "auto-sell xpubs" via @Cyphernode and @myBylls

Exchanges provide merchants with xpubs that create market sell order and fiat withdrawal whenever a Bitcoin payment is detected to any of its addresses.

"We want to repair the privacy problems and the existing ecosystem in a way that no other browser has really tried," said @bcrypt, Brave's chief information security officer. via @CNET

Email bankruptcy is better than company or personal bankruptcy.

Starting fresh tomorrow.

Your best bet to reach me is always through email.

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