Toxic Bitcoin Maximalism is all fun and games until you end up on the receiving end of it.

Then you suck it up, move on, and it's all fun and games again.

last six months volume trends in bitcoin p2p volume (paxful & localbitcoins) from cooling off everywhere except africa. curious.

Is there any particular reason that @MetaMask continues to avoid the "hide zero balance" feature? #Ethereum #DeFi

"I am keeping that code to remind of X - Y - Z"

Lol wut? Just delete the god damn thing, reduce the size of your executable.

It's in git's memory, always there for you to look back to.

If you really need something just leave a comment.

#Bitcoin has seen tremendous growth in social activity throughout the first half of the year. $BTC has gone from averaging 48.7k Tweets a day in January, to now averaging 103.1k per day, an increase of 111%.

“Unfortunately, politicians hold the conviction that money growth gives us economic growth. They are blind to the fact that government cannot create anything. Government cannot make man richer, but it can make him poorer.” - Mark Spitznagel, the best performing hedge fund in 2020

The most important people in bitcoin are the every day citizens that stack sats, hold, and enjoy their newfound freedom.

Was on the beach an hour ago at the water’s edge with my son and I broke out laughing thinking about the cops arresting that lone surfer in San Diego because he wasn’t in his pod.

They chased him on police boats. Hysteria, man. Makes humans do weird things.

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