AMZN - everything store but no self-owned storefront
Uber - "taxi" network but no self-owned cars
Airbnb - "hotel" network but no self-owned buildings
#DeFi - everything finance but no self-operated balance sheet

The #Crypto Airplane is preparing for take off! Join us now to watch my new talk and chat with other #bitcoin nerds on my YouTube livestream:

Two releases in a day, and on a Saturday no less!

With many different OSes, system and user configurations, someone somewhere is indeed testing in production 🙃

I will never sell my MtGox #bitcoin

It's going straight into to BlockFi.

CEO of the city

In a remote world, talent is mobile. Mayors no longer need to run for higher office — they can level up just by recruiting talent to their city. On the other hand, they can also *lose* talent if the city doesn’t perform.

More upside and downside than before.

One hour until The #Crypto Airplane takes flight! Make sure to join my live talk here so you don’t miss the final boarding call:

It’s important for entrepreneurs to help people crushed by the pandemic to get back on their feet.

Shopify, Cloudkitchens, and Substack allow people to set up digital storefronts with minimal upfront cost and high upside.

Need many more like this.

Be intentional about consuming a variety of information or you’re simply allowing someone to program your brain with their ideas

I don’t know who needs to hear this but get the hell out of debt and stop living your life owing money to other people.

📓Government Economic Playbook

Step 1: Define spending (GDP) as “growth�? 👨�?🔬

Step 2: Spend gazillion dollars by printing it 🖨

Step 3: Take credit for all the growth you created 🚀

The Federal Reserve continues to punish those who save and reward those who invest.

Don’t fight the Fed.

Make sure you own investable assets and let the market manipulators do their thing!

Just finished a deep dive into $ORAI. I’m not going to comment on the short term price but long term it a great bet! I will do a full show on it this week.

Aave breaks $200 for the first time in history.

Very well deserved.

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