Not Just DeFi, SaTT ICO Also Gained Well In The Cryptocurrency Market

The past weeks have been very eventful for the entire cryptocurrency space as DeFi becomes the hottest word on everyone’s lips. Just like the 2017 ICO incredible wave, DeFi is replicating the same pattern but a more sustainable one. 

The Defi surge has been welcomed with a stunning interest with an all-time high of $9.51 billion locked in the protocol as of September 2, according to DeFiPulse. With over 6% of ETH supply locked in the protocol, DeFi has contributed largely to the increase in network activities in the Ethereum blockchain, leading to network congestion and incredibly high fees. 

And of course, ETH’s price has been a fair reflection of the DeFi explosion. We probably were engulfed in all the euphoria, but not to the extent of not noticing the massive feat pulled by SaTT blockchain project

The month started off on a good note for SaTT as the blockchain-based digital advertising project announced the completion of its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) soft cap at $3,360,000. The project achieved a remarkable feat in its fundraising, closing over $1 million in token sales within 48hours, an unimaginable record in today’s ICO terrain. 

Most people would argue that investors’ confidence in ICO went bizarre solely because of the difficulty in separating a good project from the trash project that has infiltrated the industry. With the SaTT narrative, it has been proven that what a blockchain project needs to succeed is far from mere hype but a viable use case and a workable product. 

SaTT Has Recorded Massive Success Since Inception

Since its launch in 2018, SaTT has been resilient in speeding development with regards to delivering a workable advertising product. The SaTT advertising blockchain-based platform went live early this year, even before the launch of the last stage of its ICO. 

In the past few months, SaTT has concentrated on delivering products that power the SaTT advertising platform and interfaces that enable businesses to promote their brands and products. 

The SaTT advertising platform was fully launched in Q2, 2020 and now ready for enterprise and business use. What we know to be the blockchain narrative has always been “write a beautiful whitepaper, raise the million-dollars fund, and then think of how to build the product.” 

But SaTT seems to be doing things entirely different as the project has proven to be innovatively unique in adopting the approach of, “if you build it, they will come.” The success of SaTT approach is a testament in the massive interest that rallied behind the last round of its token sales which saw over $1 million being raised in just 48hours. 

A rare feat that hasn’t been easily achieved by any ICO project since the burst of the ICO bubble in early 2018. This stunning achievement wouldn’t have been possible, thanks to the quality of the team and the strong community that has continually rallied behind the project. 

SaTT seems to be doing everything necessary to stay at the front page of the crypto news media as the project has already secured 3 exchange listings as SaTT token is set to be listed on crypto exchanges on the 24th September. This is an important milestone in making SaTT token a globally accessible digital advertising currency. 

About SaTT Enterprise Advertising Platform

SaTT is a blockchain-based advertising solution established by the founding team of Atayen inc., a company that has been involved in building enterprise applications and Facebook business pages for companies for the past 12 years. 

The platform connects businesses and influencers (advertisers) in a decentralized environment, enabling the businesses to advertise their brands via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram through influencer marketing. With SaTT, anyone with a social media account could become an influencer for any business brand under the SaTT platform. 

By making an influencer recommendation or a publication via these social platforms, publishers get rewarded based on the level of engagement their publication generates (number of views, shares, likes, comments of the publication). SaTT simplifies the advertising process which drives high engagement, increases business revenue, and also returns fair rewards for publishers. 

Find out more about the SaTT product and the entire ecosystem by visiting the SaTT blog.

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