Rapidly Growing Bitcoin of America Expands Its Territory Into Tennessee

Bitcoin is the first and a truly peer-to-peer, decentralized cryptocurrency. Part of what imparts Bitcoin and its underlying network value is the fact that anyone in the world can buy/own it, trade, and transact with it without the need for a third-party intermediary.

As the Bitcoin FOMO is sweeping the globe once again, everyone wants a piece of the ultra-scarce digital currency. But not everyone knows where to exactly buy Bitcoin from. Bitcoin of America, a FinCEN-registered money services business, seeks to change that by offering Bitcoin ATMs directly to small business owners and merchants everywhere. 

Bitcoin of America is helping businesses monetize Bitcoin in an interesting way while also bringing new foot traffic to their storefronts with zero cost. And now, they’re expanding into the Tennessee area.

Bitcoin ATMs Break Down Barriers To Accessing Crypto Traditionally

Everyone wants to buy Bitcoin, and as much as they can as soon as they can. The fear of missing out is real and spreading quickly, and driving prices to as high as $40,000 per coin. But even though BTC is available almost everywhere nowadays, not everyone is comfortable buying it online and would prefer a more traditional experience. 

Access barriers like this prevent many from getting involved in Bitcoin, but as time is passing by, companies and individuals are adopting it explosively. Bitcoin ATMs are helping investors buy Bitcoin through a more familiar and trusted method. Through a massive territorial reach. 

Bitcoin of America Extends Over A 500-Location Reach Into Tennessee 

Bitcoin of America now has over 600 Bitcoin ATM locations, and more are being added by every passing month. The demand for Bitcoin ATMs is also because of the surging interest in ‘buying Bitcoin’, which has risen proportionally to its rising price.

The latest territory Bitcoin of America has extended its services to includes Tennessee. New Bitcoin ATM locations have already been added to Antioch, Chattanooga, Cleveland, Goodlettsville, Knoxville, Lakeland, Memphis, Murfreesboro, Oakland, Red Bank, Smyrna, Soddy-Daisy, and Nashville. 

The reasons for this massive expansion is ‘the ongoing Bitcoin trend’, and all of the benefits that come with hosting an ATM.

Bitcoin ATMs Breath New Life Into Businesses, Attract New Customers

Businesses hosting Bitcoin ATMs not only attract customers looking for a way to buy Bitcoin, but these consumers are also purchasing stuff at these merchant locations, making it a win-win for all participants.

Business owners also get a cut of the ATM transaction fees, and Bitcoin of America graciously helps each merchant with online advertising to market the ATM to potential customers. 

The application process is simple and can be completed online. And for those businesses that prefer to have a more face-to-face point-of-sales interaction with customers, Bitcoin of America offers tablets that essentially act as a Bitcoin ATM in your hands.

Customers can still visit the same merchant with their Bitcoin buying needs, but rather than accessing an ATM on their own, the merchant handles the cash end of the transaction and provides the customer with BTC directly from Bitcoin of America’s registered exchange services.

Those looking to learn more about Bitcoin of America, Bitcoin ATMs, and the Bitcoin ecosystem can visit the company’s YouTube page offering tutorials, guides, and more. To apply for your own Bitcoin ATM, check out the official website.

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