Using CoinsBee & Bitcoin Or Altcoins To Buy Gift Cards For The Holidays

The holiday season is quickly approaching. With social distancing measures still in place in many places, along with new restrictions on get-togethers over a certain capacity, giving gifts is certainly going to be far more challenging. 

However, using CoinsBee and cryptocurrencies, one can purchase gift cards easily and then send them to loved ones with little to no effort. Read our review to find out how CoinsBee is reshaping the holiday shopping season and redefining the gifting culture.

Buying Gift Cards With Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies Using CoinsBee

Initially buying a gift card would require a trip to a brick and mortar store where a card valued in specific denominations were made available around the holidays.

The explosion of e-commerce platforms transformed gift cards and made them something that also offers additional value for customers.

Today finance itself is moving increasingly toward the digital age. Bitcoin and altcoins are now nearly as mainstream as dollars and cents. But using them isn’t always so easy, until recently.

More and more companies are emerging that let users spend cryptocurrencies or use them in some way. DeFi allows users to lend and borrow, and platforms like CoinsBee encourage adoption and usage over just holding alone. 

CoinsBee lets users buy gift cards from over 500 major brands and retailers, ranging from the biggest and the best to smaller platforms with niche followings.

Rather than letting BTC or altcoins sit in a wallet only to sell someday, crypto holders can now use some of their digital coins and contribute to the growing ecosystem, all while getting something in return.

Play, Spend, Share, and More: CoinsBee Offers Gift Cards And Value Cards Of All Kinds 

The gift cards themselves don’t have to be given as gifts and instead can allow crypto holders to turn their coins into cards for services like the PlayStation Store, Steam, Xbox Live, and more.

Value cards for mobile phone credits are also in abundance, as are general payment cards like VISA or Mastercard debit cards. A full range of eCommerce gift vouchers, certificates, and cards for companies like Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Spotify make sure that all the most popular services and stores are covered, and then some.

Supported Cryptocurrencies Encourage Adoption and Usage Over Just Plain HODL 

CoinsBee offers gift card purchases from more than 500 different vendors, and more are being added regularly. In just a few clicks, users can buy from any of the supported partners, using any of the supported coins.

Crypto assets that Coinsbee covers include Bitcoin (with Lightning Network support), Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Tron, Bitcoin Cash, Nano, DAI, USDT, Travala, and a total of over 50 different cryptocurrencies. 

Consider CoinsBee This Holiday Season 

Users considering CoinsBee to assist with their holiday shopping this season or just want to convert some crypto into gift cards for themselves can rest assured they will receive high service standards, according to user reviews. 

CoinsBee is highly rated with a 4.7 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot and is recommended by several crypto industry veterans. After trying it ourselves, we can confidently say that for anyone looking to buy gift cards with crypto, CoinsBee is the destination.

Visit the CoinsBee website to learn more and see the full list of supported coins and a list of partner brands where users can purchase gift cards.

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